Mayor's Message

Sh. Karamjit Singh Rintu


It is with immense gratitude to the citizens of Amritsar for reposing their faith in me to serve them as Mayor of Municipal Corporation Amritsar that I write this message. I shall endeavour to prove that they have made the right choice.

The history of Amritsar is a glorious saga of over 500 years of growth and development brought about by the indomitable spirit and hard work of our people. The exemplary lives and sacrifices of thousands of people have contributed much to the peace, progress and prosperity of Punjab and Amritsar in particular. Today it is our turn to make it even better and pass it on to the next generation.

The recent past has seen a constant flow of tourists and pilgrims to the holy city. We need to enhance the experience those who visit Amritsar not only by our already well-known hospitality and welcome attitude but also by providing them with a clean and safe environment. The Municipal Corporation is unflinchingly committed to improving the quality of life of every citizen of Amritsar and to present the city as a welcome place for all those who come to it. To realize this goal I appeal to every citizen of this great city to augment the efforts of the Corporation by developing a strong civic sense, rendering support in the proper disposal of garbage and maintaining a clean and green environment for us to live in and for others to visit.